Eton By Syversen


Eton Socks is a brand with a long history in Norway and with us at Syversen AS.

We started the distribution of Eton Socks in the late 60's.


It was originally a Danish brand, produced at Fyens Strømpefabrikk in Odense, Denmark.
Fyen's factory was one of the largest in the Nordic region, but perhaps most importantly - they collaborated with Camp Socks in the United States, and were therefore far ahead in product development and design.

Eton Socks produced high quality socks with lycra, in a wide range of colors and contemporary designs. 

Fyens Stømpefabrikk closed production in 1980.


We acquired the rights to Eton Socks for Norway, and the production was moved.

We eventually found a really good factory in Riga, Latvia where Eton By Syversen, and Note By Syversen, is currently being manufactured. With the same care for quality and design that has always been the core in our philosophy.



We at Syversen AS have always focused on quality in choosing the different brands we have worked with over the years.

Eton had that same focus and was at the same time innovativ and exiting - 

a perfect fit for the nordic man.



With a wide range of materials and designs they have always managed to stay up to date.


And keeping with the core value - 

deliver quality socks to affordable prices, with both classic and current design.


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