The story of the brand PANOS EMPORIO is tin many ways the story of its founder, Mr Panos Papadopoulos, and it is a tale of passion and total commitment. Forced to flee from his native Greece because of his political conviction, Panos created a swimwear empire in his new country Sweden in record time. Introducing the winning combination of innovative design, skillful entrepreneurship and groundbreaking marketing, he soon elevated the brand to a leading position.

 In 2019 Syversen AS/AB acquired the swimwear brand Panos Emporio.


Keeping with the core values; happiness, love and quality,

we promise that every product signed by Panos Emporio is created with love & care.



The PANOS EMPORIO brand is based on the concepts of innovation, style and quality. We apply these values to every detail of everything we do; the look and feel of our products, the display of our collections and the way in which we meet our customers.

At the heart of PANOS EMPORIO there will always be swimwear, but in addition there are products for both every-day, and swim related moments. Coverups for the beach, a lunch by the pool, the sophisticated mingle, or perhaps for that relaxed moment when you just want to feel at ease strolling around during a peaceful vacation, and still look your best. In our collections you will find towels, flip flops, cover ups, hats, and tote bags, and in 2021 we extended the collection to include unerwear, legwear, apparel and loungewear. 


“Panos Emporio is high quality swimwear, underwear and loungewear designed for all people, no matter the style or body type”




Mixing classic couture with contemporary edge, we make distinctive beach fashion for smart and self-aware individuals with integrity and an eye for luxury and quality. People that like to express their personality, their joy of living and their sensuality. Never compromising on materials and tailoring, our design respects the human body, is inspired by its range of beauty and masters the clearest, brightest colors and the softest, most exclusive fabrics. The design of PANOS EMPORIO is never uninvolved, never indifferent, never every day.



The Company’s distributors are carefully selected for their quality, integrity and ability to represent our brand. They include luxury department’s chains, handpicked lingerie shops, leading children’s stores, top sports chains and tax-free airport- and airline stores. Regardless of size or genre, every selected store is considered a brand ambassador of PANOS EMPORIO. Consequently, the fashion is always presented in a way that reflects the brands core values.



The first years was just the warm up, and we invite you to join our journey!













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