Hans Erik Syversen

KAM Norway

Product and Design - Panos Emporio


+ 47 913 63 436




Hans Erik Syversen is one of the main sources for new exciting brands at Syversen. He is truly 'a Syversen' at heart - a salesman and trend spotter that seeks inspiration everywhere and shares the pride and passion for strong brands and amazing products that make a difference - always aware of the unique qualities that make Syversen stand out.


"The passion, the know-how and the products that truly sell with the consumers".


"When I was younger I really did not think I would ever work in our company. Today, I am extremely happy that I do. I am very proud of it and thankful to my father for giving me the opportunity. This job has been a big part of me becoming who I am.


Our customers often tell me that - "What's so good about Syversen's products is that they increases my revenue. The products do not steal turnover from any other brands I have, they create a turnover I would not otherwise have", says Hans Erik. Who is grateful for the long list of clients in Norway that have been a Syversen partner for so many years. Some of them for over 40 years, spanning from smaller independent shops as well as big chains and department stores.

We have buildt strong partnerships over so many years that have been successful for alle parties.. Now, we believe it is time for us to expand within our unique niche, with new brands, new way of thinking, but still keeping the great qualities of the Syversen DNA.

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